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Words cannot describe……….


My community and my good fortune

Where to begin?
My wonderful Brunswick where I have resided for the past 15 years has given me it’s finest people.

Thank you  frstly to Frans & Belinda De Voss and Cat Coyle who took the time and energy to shoot my first lot of video’s which we decided not to use for my website, however it created a gateway to what was eventually acheived.

To the awsome Amy Dickinson at Kinky Gerlinki who Styled everyone in the CY photoshoot as well as doing our hair and make up. Every hair on your body is indeed stylish my friend! You also modeled in my naming day photoshoot as well as pulling in your beautiful friends Shelly Gow and George Pramatarov to be my main CY models. You also hooked me up with Melbourne’s best photographer Lakshal Perera. I will be forever grateful.

Lakshal and his beautiful wife Kristen were the incredible photographers for my website. Not only are you the most talented and amazing photographers but you are also the kindest, warmest, generous, lovliest people i have met in a very long time.

Kate my personal friend, thank you for the wine and late night it took to create the perfect wording for my website. Words, words, words!

Also a shout out to Myf Walker who doesn’t come from Brunswick and whom I have never met. Thank you for the amazing job you did helping Bec out with the development of my website.

Without all of you crazy creative local Brunswickian’s this website would not be as bloody gobsmackingly unreal as it is!


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