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The After Party

We will be more than happy to give you our highest recommendations to any couples that are wanting a fun-loving, quirky Celebrant.

Casey & Carl’s Glorious Winter Wedding

Upside down but not necessarily the wrong way around, Casey and Carl had their wedding party  in Thailand  where they partied with friends and family for over a week. A few weeks later came the ceremony or ‘the after party’ which was a gorgeous affair on a pier in Williamstown with 6 family members and Nelson the Daschound. It was 10 years to the date that they met in Greece and it also happened to be Carl’s birthday. The ceremony aknowledged family members who were unable to be present and also their beloved dog Nelson. We had quotes from John Lennon and Lionel Richie song lyrics. To sum it up, what a glorious winters day to be married!

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