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Destination Noosa

Destination Noosa. Photo by Phill Jackson Photography
Destination Noosa. Photo by Phill Jackson Photography

Tracey & Shane’s beach wedding

Warm, sunny, happy and bright are just a few words to set the scene of this glorious Noosa morning at Maison la Plague.
The groom and his men were nervously anticipating the beginning of the ceremony, when the bride seamlessly appeared from the depths of the garden. The sea of people parted as she made her entrance and all that was heard was the gushing of onlookers as she made her way toward her husband to be.
The ceremony was just devine, even though the P.A system we hired was faulty. I guess that was where my theatre training came in handy, a few voice exercises beforehand…..doe-rae-me-so-far-laaaaaa and off it we went without a glitch, all 120 guests heard the entire ceremony. Phew! We included  Shane’s 6 year old daughter into the ceremony by aknowledging her and Tracey’s relationship as stepdaughter and stepmother, this was done in a very light hearted manner and a favoured part of the ceremony by many of the guests.
Again my husband and i were fortunate to be attending the wedding where there was great music, a photobooth, plenty of happy guests, booze and yummy fingerfood.

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