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Land Down Under


Jarvis’s Australia Day Naming Ceremony

This ceremony was very important for me personally as it was the very first ceremony that I had ever performed. It was also my very dear friends son who I was naming on his 1st birthday.
Cat and Dan did a brilliant job at decorating the yard and catering for the day. The weather was perfect.
The ceremony took place under a lovely tree in th backyard. It was such an emotional & meaningful ceremony which included a brotherly promise from Jarvis’s step brother Oliver, aknowledgement of the impotant role which his grandparents would play in his life. Jarvis was fortunate to have 5 guardians who all pledged to guide Jarvis through different aspects of his life.
Because Jarvis was born on Australia day, all of the guests participated in singing Land down under, which lifted this ceremony to another level and made it even more memorable.
This little man can later reflect on this day through his special keepsake box and always know that he was loved very very much.

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